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Why I Love My Library

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Dawn C.

“My mother began taking me to my local library when I was very young. It quickly became one of my favorite places to be. We would check out many books at a time. I was so eager to immerse myself in the worlds of fiction that I became a voracious reader. Every time I have moved to a new community, the first thing I look for is my closest local library. I am lucky to have that be Burton Barr right now and I am constantly in awe of the scope of the resources provided at this location. I also love to see the importance of the library to other community members who are doing research, learning, reading, studying, etc. Thank you for this important resource!”

Sheila C.

“I am a senior citizen and have lived in Arizona over 25 years. Had a slow start in my early grades learning to read, but with tutoring and encouragement from my family and my local library on Long Island, NY I have loved reading and learning with a passion. I read at least two hours daily and life without reading would be lackluster and boring! I would like to see the same inspiration I received as a child integrated into every young child’s life here in Arizona for I know first hand what a great library system with caring librarians means….I am living proof! I feel it is even more important that the library be available to the children of Arizona because so many are recent immigrants and children of immigrants who themselves sorely need reading skills. I appreciate you time and consideration in this matter of utmost importance….thank you!”

Juliana M.

“I have been taking my kids to the library since birth. It still provides entertainment and education at every age. They love going there and I am thrilled that they constantly want to check out more books. We also feel connected to our community when we see neighbors and acquaintances. My son and I just reconnected with a friend in first grade and his mother this year, that we had met at story-time when the boys were babies. There are only positives!”

Steven Y.

“When I entered town the library was here for me to read, use the computer, to learn more about Phoenix and to do research on some of my future hobbies. It also offered various classes and other things of interest in it’s meeting rooms from time to time. Without the library, things would have been much harder to adjust. Thank you for being here for me!”

Dorothy B.

“My granddaughter Emily and I love the Burton Barr Main Library! She and I visit 2-3 times a month. Our routine which begins with tossing a coin or two into the water fountain inside, then we head to the Children’s section, where she enjoys picking out books, videos, playing with blocks, playing with the puppets and computers. She also looks forward to the private garden/play area only for kids. It is a great place for young and old.”

Linda C.

“The Cesar Chavez Branch of the Phoenix Public Library system has become a true community asset for Laveen. The staff at the Library are exemplary. They consistently listen to what their community says, respond to an enormously diverse community and always consider all age groups when planning events. Everyone in this community can find something at the Library that speaks to their wants and needs. As a Friend of the Library, I have witnessed this responsiveness first hand and am constantly in awe of the creativity of the Library staff. They have worked collaboratively with the Friends and with many other community partners to bring programs and services to the Laveen Community. Needless to say, we are extremely proud of the Library and its engagement with this community.”

Kedrick E.

“If there is an agency that can claim to be ‘everything to everyone,’ then the Phoenix Public Library and its accompanying Friends of the Phoenix Public Library have a valid claim. I was awarded my first library card by Phoenix Harmon Library during the 1960’s when I was in elementary school. This portal not only supplemented our small school library, it opened a world of learning through various reading programs and after school activities. I’ve continued the use our library throughout my high school, college, and post graduate educational journey.

As a business consultant, I very frequently direct business owners and those dreaming of starting a business to our Phoenix Public Library’s rich resources which include programs related to business ownership and for those individuals seeking employment, there are workshops for finding a job. Our library has successfully helped people get jobs!

For those with children and grandchildren, the Phoenix Public Library has provided a learning environment through reading programs for babies, tweens, teens, and young adults. Even older adults can enjoy book clubs and other reading activities.

A very significant part of this winning formula is our Friends of the Phoenix Public Library. This group of committed volunteers have made many of these programs available through their partnership with the Phoenix Public Library and their fundraising events.”